April 2014:  Citi Bank Bahrain launched their latest credit card project; Citi Life.  A credit card which gives you points. ADmaze Media Bahrain came up with the idea/concept and produced the video with 3D.  It was all for an event celebrating a local Magazines 200th issue, which Citi Bank were sponsoring.  A card stack – a tower – with the Citi Life card on top and the rest crash to the floor. What is seen here is the promo compiled especially for an event.


So ‘events’ are not the only thing that ‘Who Does What’ covers or gets involved with.  ADmaze media is a recording studio and creates and produces what many consider to be the most professional productions in the region and well beyond.  That is certainly true of audio.  However, its all down to perception when all is said and done.
The magazine in question is; ‘Bahrain This Month’, a team who are close associates with ‘ADmaze Media’   (the parent of Who Does What TV).  Now ADmaze Media produces TV programmes as well and Who Does What TV covers many many events from huge conferences to United Nations Celebrations and even a private birthday party if the said concerned crosses our palm with a few shekles to keep the team going.  As it is, there seems to be more car launches in 2015 than anything else, but it is swings and roundabouts.

At this particular launch there was a huge cabaret and all points covered by a bank of HD cameras we had positioned around the hall.  We had all the angles all the shots, it was a fabulous night, but we were NOT doing the sound.  Yes we warned, yes we were concerned, yes we threw complete hissy fits when the audio we were presented with was nothing but massacred distorted noise.  (It has happened before to so many, but it seems some never learn or even perceive there is skill involved – It is a bit like forgetting to press record when taking crucial footage, or your parachute not opening).  So no event for this is registered on Who Does What TV – merely the promo which was being played over and over.