Describing itself as a ‘Boutique Hotel’, one of the more recent additions to the Manama Five Star skyline is ‘The Domain Hotel & Spa, which has squeezed itself right into the centre of Manama’s Diplomatic Area (by name only). No expense spared with the plush interior, rooms and choice of restaurants and indeed marketed as a ‘Seven Star’ establishment during the opening. happened to bump into larger than life Mr. tony Connor who is CEO of the Owning Company, who promptly invited the crew to a media bash to introduce the new General Manager.

Frank Normann Eikeland is the man and he has extensive Middle East experience, so is no stranger to Bahrain.  A Norwegian and obvious promoter of salmon from same it would seem, Frank comes across as extremely friendly, genuine and a tad excited about his new posting.

As Bahrain expands and Manama goes upward, one could say that The Domain is ahead of its time, being far more akin to the numerous luxury hotels one finds molded into the packed streets of New York. Another aspect which seems to have been inspired from some of the more salubrious hotels in other major cities is the ‘butler’. Yes, you will see no long queues waiting to check in or out in the small lobby as you enter, but don’t let this concern you; for as guests arrive, they are whisked up to their rooms and said butler sorts all your check-in and other requirements out.  Nice one!