Is it Chinese or is it Chinese? Both, it is Taiwanese and since both places call themselves China, you can be forgiven for getting it wrong. Politics aside, Taiwan’s reputation for quality output dates back 30 odd years, but with quality control uppermost in the rigid Korean camp, it is a tough market to

crack and Taiwan is not exactly the first country that comes to mind when considering car manufacturers. Well, that is not what Mitsubishi Corporation of Japan thought, because they set up their own factories in Taiwan and called it CMC.  Odd, but no accounting for Politics.   Mainland China’s output quality is definitely getting better but a reputation for all singing all dancing products that work for a week is not the only issue the rest of the world consider when thinking about buying or not buying Chinese products.  Taiwan on the other hand is a completely different thing.  Apple and many other large electronic conglomerates use Taiwan and many others would love to use Taiwan manufacturing quality, but of course it comes at a price. That then says something.

The new CMC Z7 has a very Chinese look about it, as if a Mitsubishi has been reversed engineered and rebuilt with another badge.  However, that Mitsubishi last forever, never let you down aura surrounds this new Z7.  No test drive yet by, but we get a feel for vehicles and this one might just be a bit of a hit.