The German Ambassador Alfred Simms-Protz personally gave the heads up on their upcoming cultural event saying that this is something we would enjoy. But then again, H.E. Alfred is a very jovial person and would probably say that if we were about to be hit by a giant meteor.  However, he wasn’t wrong! Artist Bahram Hajou definately has a uniqueness, thus without avoiding tautology, once you have seen it you will know that the painting belongs to Bahram Hajou.  Of course, they are for sale.

In collaboration with the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany and The Bahrain Authority for Culture & Antiquities Bahram was invited to display his works.

As H.E. explains at the start of the video, the works often display or suggest angst or physical abuse which of course depicts the Title of the exhibition; ‘GAGGED NO DIALOGUE’.  Born in Syria, Bahram has Khurdish links as we understand but has spent so much of his life in Germany. One other point that several people picked up on was the fact that many of the paintings seem to portray the artist’s face in a somewhat caricature manner. Bahram’s reponse shows no surprise as he knows this man very well and besides sees this face in the mirror every morning while shaving.