What is it? ‘Longevitology’ is not a word we hear very much, if indeed those tuning in have ever heard it uttered.

Longevitology (Chang Sen Xue in Chinese –  “study of long life”) is one of several healing processes intended to improve the body’s ability to heal itself. Good health is the result of energy (referred to as Ch’i, Qi or Prana) and blood flowing smoothly through the body’s organs. When the flow of ch’i is disrupted the body becomes sick. The idea being that Logevitology restores this energy flow, thus aid healing.

The practice of Longevitology also draws in universal energy to replenish itself. It does so through points on the body, neural plexes called chakras. Chakras are the body’s power centers, energizing cells and organs so they can function. Each chakra governs the functioning of a different organ system. When all chakras are operating properly, metabolism will be efficient, the immune system will be effective, and waste and toxins will be readily excreted.

Having had close family members benefit from Longevitology treatment as a matter of life or death, Red House Marketing (Bahrain This Month – Woman This Month etc.) inviited two long time Longevitology therapists to Bahrain, that being Helana and Robin Tham. The couple often give media talks on the subject and of course absolutely FREE sessions.
It is an interesting treatment which those who practice it and those who have been cured by it, swear to its effectiveness. Logevitology is an assist treatment and for a moment doesn’t suggest that other medicines or cures be stopped, such as kimo for example.
It is all about ‘energy transfer’ and furthermore it is always free! Practitioners train other interested student volunteers, who form Logevitology clinics (if you could call it that, since much of the practice is done in private)