Watching a 3 Star Michelin Chef perform as they create their rather involved dishes, is something that someone who just likes beans on toast or fish n’ chips at least 5 times a week, is probably not going to be too impressed with. It is the essence, in more ways than one which makes a dish all the more tasty and of course the way it is cooked. Yes, presentation always goes a long way in restaurants and highfalutin circles, since the dish certainly has to look inviting and this is very much part of the whole professional chef thing, with reputation being everything.

However, when all is said and done, the dish doesn’t look anything like the presentation after it slides down your throat; so bottom line, who cares what it looks like as long as it tastes good. That philosophy would surely be red rag to Chef Jean-Paul Bostoen who makes it all look so easy.  Jean-Paul is a 3 star Michelin Chef from restaurant Auberge L’ill Illhaeusem in France.  Bahrain had a week of ‘So French’ with everything from trade to concerts going on.  One item was this display of fine cooking which took place at the Swiss-Belhotel in Bahrain. Jean-Paul generally conducts his displays in French, which he in fact did during a morning session.  The afternoon session was more for English speakers and French Madam Alexandra Mariot, who is an accomplished Chef herself, did the translation.  Alexandra is actually employed by a local FMG company as ‘Brand Ambassador’. Alexandra conducts free cooking classes at the company’s major supermarket in the Budayia area of Bahrain.  (Jawad Supermarkets). It’s probably a bit too far to go each Monday evening if you live in New York….. Just sayin’.