Feb. 2017: This is literally a quick fly through the exhibition as an overview. For the past several years, Admaze Media WLL, the Parent of ( are involved in several exhibitions organised by the Al Hilal Group in Bahrain. The same goes for what was ‘Gulf Bid’ now ‘Gulf Construction’, Gulf Property and Gulf Interiors, which take place just over a month later. As an organizer, Al Hilal offer a neat little extra package of substantial worth if you like, something that no other organizer ventures into because of the cost. That being; ‘Who Does What’ film every single stand in glorious HD and where possible give ‘Blah Blah’ time to representatives.

Most segments average about a minute in length, but there really is no limit to the length of commercial representation and if the speaker is eloquent and informative and there is plenty of video material of interest to cover it, then go for it! If it so happens that you are reading this and your company intends to exhibit in of the Al Hila expos, then get to it. Sort your xxxx out and be ready. It is worth its weight in gold and over the years, more and more exhibitors jump at the chance.

If a representative goes on and on repeating themselves as most inexperienced do, we will edit as best we can and try to make them sound or look good. These packages get uploaded to the exhibition floor plan on the associated web sites. Punters or those interested, simply visit the web site floor plan, click on it and up will come that exhibitor’s video. A big ego boost and A BIG-BIG selling point and it is free to the exhibitor. What is not to like?

Of course, the small companies taking part love it and relish a quick interview. They even pester us to make sure we don’t miss them. (Don’t worry, we don’t!). However, the big corporations sadly miss out more often than not since their Public Relations (what shall we call it – caution, nervousness, PC; Whatever?) rarely allows those representing them on the stands to publicly speak about the company. All a bit daft really and being frank, displays a lack of confidence or even trust in their employees. Besides, Who Does What is there purely for favourable content and is certainly not looking for some juicy scoop to potentially damage a company’s reputation for any reason. Of course, from time to time, representative do say some silly things or make mistakes, but Who Does What catch it and fix it. After all ADmaze Media and crews have been doing this for so many years, we generally know what is acceptable and will do everything we can to boost your presence.