Not exactly the Oscars, but Bin Hindi would like to make their award ceremony as glitzy as possible for ‘liddle ‘ole Bahrain’.  For a start, they chose the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, so they splashed out a bit. But what was it all about?  As far as can fathom, it is all to do with rewarding outlet channels who sell or distribute the Bin Hindi agency products, such as Samsung mobile phones, TVs and LED screens.

Actually, when all is said and done it is quite a good idea, especially if the event gets more sophisticated and perhaps a trophy or something. As it was; treat everyone to a lavish buffet at the Ritz and give out plaques of appreciation. Quite a few guests won the latest Samsung phone in the raffle too.

Entertainment was supplied by a local troupe dancing to Bollywood numbers and since a very large portion of invited guests appeared to be perhaps Indian, no doubt it went down a storm. Having said that, a noticeable lack of females made up the guest list. From what Who Does What can tell, only female media reps. were present (accept for the organizers and dancers). Just sayin’.

So if this event is to garner sophistication and popularity, a considerable amount of glamour needs to be added. Overall though, a neat and happy little evening.  Looking forward to next year.