March 2017: Forty six years already. For the old timers, non millennials, it probably seems like only yesterday that Bangladesh struggled bloodily for its independence. Independence is a big occasion in Bangladesh and celebrated vividly.  Indeed, every year in Bahrain, the Bangladesh Embassy and community (and it is substantial) throw a big bash and invite Ambassadors and friends of Bangladesh to a lovely dinner at one of the five star hotels (Diplomat Radisson Blue).

A noticeably happy evening. It was a poignant speech from Ambassador; His Excellency Major General K M Mominur Rahman, afwc, psc., plus a short video about Bangladesh, which was actually put together by Mr. Mehdi Hasan, Minister(Diplomatic Wing)& Head of Chancery, both well received.

Unfortunately, this year Who Does What video crew could not be at the function, but we managed to get a photographer there to capture the salient moments. This is what this post is; basically a quick slide show of the evening as a gesture to the Embassy staff who are always extremely courteous and welcoming.