During this Global Youth Initiative week (April 24-30th 2017), youth leadership events were apparently hosted all over the world. The goal; to reach 500,000 youths according to Tosin Arowojolu,  a certified member of the John Maxwell Team who was hosting this Bahrain event at My Gym in the Seef District of Bahrain’s capital.

Since it was a completely free session for whoever presented their children (various ages – as Tosin explained) at the event, Who Does What decided to cover it as an interest feature and certainly not as an advertorial..

Of course, every parent is convinced that their little cherubs are special, handsome or beautiful whatever the case may be, as well as being the most wonderfully dexterous the world has seen. So empowering them more towards ‘leadership’ must be an attractive option for mum and dad. If this comes under the category of ‘life coaching’, then this money making nouveau industry seems to be growing at a phenomenal rate and for sure, some might have reservations about children building such egos. Again, this event was free and Who Does What thinks that instilling a little more confidence in children can never be a bad thing and if successful must help the individual in many ways and who knows; benefit the entire world in the future somehow. At the same time, bearing in mind that scepticism is alive and well out there.

Good luck!