Feb. 2016: This is an Airshow re-post and extract of some television segments we did during the 2016 extravaganza. Uploaded again simply because it coincides with the ‘Bahrain Premier International Tri-Service Defence show’ which also showcased several British firms (see other posts pertaining to this soon). Media acolyte Adam Thomas was on hand in his inimitable way. basically doing his ‘British’ job extremely well, which so many others fail in.

This video highlights just a few British elements displayed at the time. British Aerospace is already well represented on this channel.

In 2014, Britain and Bahrain were celebrating ‘Great British Week’ in the lead up to the 200 year anniversary in 2016. In the previous air show, we managed a few British contingents as well such as Martin Baker and whatever we could get done on the first day, with the rest scheduled for recording on the second day…………but……

Having been hired by the British Embassy we spent many days and nights extensively covering all aspects of this ‘Great event (again much of which can be viewed on this channel). The 2014 Airshow was the highlight and with ‘Great’ coordination, trust and independence, the British Embassy instructed us to use what we assumed was the British Trade Commission chalet (or whatever they call themselves) at the show. Perhaps they too were sharing/cadging a ride in this chalet with the organizers Farnborough International – who knows, who cares?

As Royalty, Ministers and Brass had visited on the first day, we as Bahrain TV and of course were naturally afforded said chalet to cover the proceeding and indeed rest, but more importantly store essential expensive equipment in a back cupboard which was not being used. Of course there was a perfectly organised, well stocked and equipped in all respects Media Pavilion, which we could have happily used except for leaving delicate equipment unattended. One assumes this facility was set up by Farnborough International and sponsored by Batelco for the sarnies and chinos. It was excellent.

Sadly, on the second day, we had arranged to continue our series of interviews with exhibitors in the large British pavilion to highlight ‘British Companies’ and again with Adam Thomas magnificently setting it all up for us and very happy to do so indeed for the respective publicity.

However, day two came, lugging 3 cameras, tripods and audio we innocently walked into the above mentioned vacant chalet to retrieve a special microphone or something which was in the cupboard. Suddenly, sweeping in from nowhere on what resembled a broom stick the Australian (assumed) crypt keeper of said chalet appeared and rather abruptly, with some air of rudeness told us to get out and that we had no authority or permission to be anywhere near this (benefiting British trade) chalet, when it was blatantly obvious who we were and what we had done already and were continuing to do – for the benefit of British Trade overseas. With that little extremely embarrassing incident, without a word or protest we immediately vacated and boycotted the rest of the British pavilion, to its detriment no doubt. Sorry people, it was not your fault, but the hierarchy’s pathetic snobbery or the like and utter disrespect that prevented your deserved publicity.

We happily moved on to the Russian Chalet who with open arms afforded us all comforts and indeed a place to store our bags for which we generously covered their exhibits.

There must be a moral to that little story somewhere.