The Ritz-Carlton Bahrain sports many classy restaurants as do most of the upper hotels on the Island and if whodoeswhat.tv gets to sample some of them, even better. Obviously, Food & Beverage is a good source of revenue for them as the local population patronize them frequently. One cannot say the same for posh hotels in say the UK or the States.  Sure they have restaurants a plenty, but more for staying guests, as going to a hotel restaurant is hardly a first choice for locals is it? It is no doubt too expensive for Mr. & Mrs Average. Many of said town’s population probably don’t even know that their Ritz, Sheraton, Hilton or whatever even have public restaurants.

In Bahrain, sometimes it is a nice gesture as a big thank you by the hotel to hand back a bit to those patrons who regularly dine at such salubrious outlets. After all, eating out in Hotels is not exactly nickel and dime.

Maybe other hotels do it too, but who knows about it, if they don’t invite the media to their shindigz? Perhaps it is just ‘Who Does What .TV never got invited. Well we do….. to a lot of the classy Ritz-Carlton Bahrain jollies. This is just another one to thank their loyal customers. Oh! And make sure the media is there too. Thank You!

This do was a sort of outside ‘Carpark’ affair, made famous in Singapore whereby several types of food stations are tempting you to try a bit of everything. The stalls here represented each restaurant within the Ritz Carlton.

In this video, the band playing are from Colombia (somewhere). The name of the band: The Beat’s Zone and for those really interested in knowing their names, well Who Does What can tell you that too; Adrian Mera Olarte is on keyboards among other things, Singing and playing many instruments is Johanna Roldan, beating it out is Shirly Ace and a pretty sight they all make.  Yeah, the video sound is nothing to write home about, but don’t let that put you off. It was just sort of incidentally recorded on a distance camera mic.  They don’t sound like that live, quite the opposite.  Good stuff.