Dec, 2017: This is ‘Gravity Indoor’ Bahrain who are starting to make a name for themselves in the world of indoor skydiving. This, the Flight Fighters Indoor Skydiving competition is the no doubt the start of something much bigger to come. In October 2018, Gravity will be hosting the World Cup, so as you can see, this is a growing sport albeit somewhat expensive to take up if you are not on a team with constant access to what they call a ‘tunnel’.

It wouldn’t surprise those who follow it, if we see it an Olympic sport in the coming decade or more, as competitors grow ever more adventurous and certainly slicker. So many might like to try it; indeed it looks fun and more fairground ride to the uninitiated, but it is not anything near as easy as the pros make it look. There are instructors, who are skilled skydivers and the technicians and support, all part of a facility, so it is big business….. but you’d love one in your garden wouldn’t you?

To sort of solidify that reasoning, you’ll see mention of the top Bahraini team who took part and won in awe. Fatima Al Khalifa mentioned the team ‘from the B.D.F.’.  Of course everyone in Bahrain knows exactly what that means, but casual visitors to the country or even this site, wouldn’t have a clue.  It means; ‘Bahrain Defence Force’ and the guys who took part are professional parachutists and skydivers. Rest your case!

The Gravity Indoor Skydiving tunnel Bahrain has only been in operation just a couple of years now (as of this post Dec. 2017) and pretty much made its mark immediately. There is a die-hard clique of Adrenalin junkies who can’t stay away from the place. The whole thing is big with the kids too, but there’s three quarters of a nation still curious who might not have yet ventured in that direction, as it is a little way out of town. For those reading from afar, wondering just where they’d put such a device; well it is just down the road from the Formula One track in an area called Zalak, although some refer to it as Sakhir in reference to the airbase nearby. Actually, the complex where it is situated seems to expand daily, with restaurants and facilities popping up all around and besides nowhere is that far in Bahrain and it doesn’t take long to get there because there is one huge freeway from wherever you start out in Bahrain.

The Bahrain tunnel ranks among the tallest in the world and who knows, with its increasing popularity we might see an even bigger one partnering this one. Or how about one without walls at all?  That must be pretty scary if you don’t know what you are doing. Gravity looks the part though and by all accounts the flyers give a big thumbs up.

Watch the video clips and you can immediately tell the ones who are like ducks to water, with some very elegant manoeuvres because they remain fairly composed in the wind, rather than legs flailing this way and that with contorted faces to match. It does look inviting with nice people there to match.