Texzon Zenneck Standing Wave Wireless Power Transmission – World Wide

Feb – Aug 2018: Wave wireless power, ‘man’s next great achievement on par with DNA, the Transistor and Penicillin, yet almost NOBODY is talking about it, until Who Does What TV came upon it and started asking questions. Magic, fantasy, imagination, think what you like, you are not going to get your head around this one very easily. The concept; transmitting electrical power around the planet without wires with absolutely no hazard to life on this earth; but might well be fatal to parallel worlds that we don’t know about. You need to read this!

Well, if you want half a chance at believing the concept, let alone understand how ‘they’ do it, then you definitely need to sit through the next 24 minutes.

‘Texzon Zenneck Standing Wave Wireless Power Transmission – World Wide – Nupower Development’.  A mouthful to say the least so this will take some explaining. Not to mention the technical brain damage incurred while doing so.

Back in the early part of the 1900s Nicola Tesla tried his best to transmit electrical power, in between developing Alternating Current (AC).  Following on, in the mid century Jonathan Zenneck was obsessed with transmitting power around the earth somehow without using wires as conductors. A seemingly impossible concept and bordering on fantasy until sometime around 2013 SOMEONE, as of this article, we don’t know who, but assumed to be American – cracked the code so to speak.  Now watch the video and read on.

One hundred years of experimenting and even the Russians couldn’t come up with the know how, but according to Nupower Development and their parent company Texzon, if we mix about 23 different techniques together, then it is possible to launch a Zenneck Standing Wave on earth, or to be more exact; around the earth, upon which high power electricity can be carried and transmitted absolutely anywhere.  Mount Everest, the Pacific Ocean, nay Antarctica, nothing stops it.  This means that if one knows how to extract the electricity from the ‘invisible’ standing Zenneck wave sitting on our very earth, then you could in theory boil your kettle or run a 2 KW electric fire up at the top of Mount Everest to keep the frostbite from your tooties.

You will hear that the process is still secret and that the Russians are approaching it the wrong way, which is why they have not succeeded yet. You will also glean that this process is not easy to achieve, meaning; launch the actual wave upon the earth and equally hard to tap into to get your power. Further more, approach just about anyone you like, anywhere in the world and try to explain how this works and you will be met with skepticism – big time! For those with a smattering of physics or electronic knowledge, it is even worse since most try to logically fathom how it might be done.  Of course it has NEVER been done before so how some Internet based boffin or otherwise can somehow assess the process is complete fantasy in itself. The trolls are out in force dismissing this as BS, but listen to Daniel and Keith and decide for yourself.  These guys are pretty cool and give no hint that there is any doubt the ‘discovered’ or ‘developed’ process is not real.

In absolute amazement, the geeks will be astonished beyond reproach the day that this process comes to fruition.  ‘Here’s looking at yah kid’.  Can’t wait!