Happy New Year 2019 – From WhoDoesWhat.TV

2018-2019: Of course, this little video needs absolutely no explanation or editorial whatsoever.  Well if you do, then you must be visiting from another planet. Happy New Year 2019 – From WhoDoesWhat.TV and Admaze Media. A last minute flash in the pan, we knocked up a quicky animation over a cup of coffee.

Any predictions?:

Let’s hope that 2019 turns out to be something good for one and all.  To say the least, in the Middle East it has been a tough year and the future looks equally desperate – particularly in media, where professional product is demanded less and less as the mighty iPhone takes the stand with each and every one of us an expert with moments recorded so easily.

Print is sadly withering away, but the diehards obliviously or in denial, keep on churning it out, despite advertising revenue dwindling to zero. How long can it last? Pee or get off the pot as they say.  Get with the Internet or fade into that oblivion.

It is difficult to visualize a time when Internet advertising or programme/content purchase will generate livable revenue unless you are the size of say Google or Facebook. As a prediction; ‘Royalties’ could see massive increases within the next decade, otherwise we will not even have musicians bothering to churn it out, or being able to afford to.

The Middle East cannot boast terrestrial television of any standing and apart from perhaps Dubai, which has also felt the strangulation, with advertising revenue almost non existent – and without subsidy, the platforms close. In Bahrain viable Television and Radio no longer exists and has not done for over 20 years now. Radio is now at a big fat zero compared to the hay days of the 80s when WhoDoesWhat were producing up to 200 punchy commercials a month at times. Millions of listeners tuned in then, but that is hardly the case these days. If the truth be known, perhaps a few kids only with the odd sad adult who cannot adapt.  One way or the other, a station has to pay for its patrons, so it is a ‘Catch 22’ situation. Content costs money, no content, no listeners or viewers – simple.

So it is not only good luck to viewers of the channel and thanks for watching, it is really appreciated, but we reach out to all you photographers, videoographers and audio wizards who are finding it very hard going these days. The professional cameras do not get any cheaper, the editors still need a salary and the office costs a lot to run.

As for so many journalists; well you made your beds and allowed yourselves to be indoctrinated with the London School of Journalism or Falmouth agenda since the 70s. Craving for the BBC philosophy in one way or another.  This mighty institution of badness and often incredible goodness will also fall like Goliath. So many have blindly followed this path and oblivious to their own downfall, deluded believing they are impartial and the public pandering to your egos. You will be replaced and replaced with extreme views both left and so-called right, a conundrum created by the arrogance.  It is coming for sure, so where we go from here will bring even more challenges.

Might we suggest to those affected and nodding their heads in agreement right now that; if early retirement is an option, take it! Otherwise, there are vacancies in the security industry in Afghanistan and other places as the world gets wilder. Many shop assistants are required in Dragon City in Bahrain. There appears to be a notice in almost every window.  The salaries are hideous, but more than the equivalent nothing the media industry is currently generating.

In closing, once again; A Very Happy New Year to you, from the team at Admaze Media WLL and the associated channel Who Does What.TV.