(Correction:  This was the first time we’d met Dr. Bijan Majidi – a very nice chap indeed- and not sure of his name, so he is announced as Majid instead of Majidi, Sorry Doc.. we love you really).
It is certainly a new kid on the block for Bahrain, but will it cut

the mustard as they say.  Well, if you look at what you get for the price, chances are these sedans and hatchbacks are going to be running out the showroom.   BAIC as a namer as a brand of car say, is new, although they have been around for some 50 years or so and recently obtained the intellectual rights for SAAB technology, so we shall see what comes in the future.  For now, this is not SAAB as far as can tell, but BAIC from top to bottom.  No doubt, until these vehicles arrived on the Island and the launch, many had never heard of this car, not to mention how to pronounce the name in the first place.

E.K. Kanoo the main group whose umbrella MotorCity comes under, rarely if ever bring something to the market unless they are pretty sure about the brand. Chinese whispers (pun intended), indicate that all round they are pretty impressed with the engineering.  Examining the cars, quality control and finish will be the test, but for the price, this is going to be hard to beat.
A five year, 100,000 km warranty goes with it – what can go wrong?
Chinese quality has come a long way in such a short time and it is hard to resist although some have issues when it comes to buying Chinese and it is not always about quality. So unless you have a thing about animal cruelty or human rights violation or whatever other beef gets attached to the Chinese, then there is very little reason not to put one of these cars in your collection. Hint: If one of your kids has just passed their test and you really still don’t want them to drive your car then……  great first car, spanking new and everything included.