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Video and audio production Bahrain, broadcast production, radio, documentaries, advertorials, interviews. The parent company is ADmaze Media, which was formed way back in 2001 from ‘I HATE GEG HOPKINS PRODUCTIONS’, a controversial name that made many a headline. If it is video or audio, then Whodoeswhat.tv –  ADmaze Media will see you right. Well there is no excuse because some of the personnel within the company have been at it for almost 40 years and are very well known within the professional broadcast industry internationally. FACT:  The audio output from this studio is benchmark Amen! Video, well that is another story; perceptions! Since everyone has an iPhone nowadays, it depends on the level you want. If you want slick broadcast, or classy innovative, let’s say more often than not, creative genius for a commercial (4K or HD) at a price that is in a subterranean world pricing structure – compared to these all singing all dancing Soho studios for which you need to sell a yacht or a vine yard to pay for, then call here. The quality will most likely be the same at minimum, so expect better. If you need a very well put together, far from hammy documentary or advertorial, which is – in most cases way-way above the general standard these days, then give the whodoeswhat.tv/ADmaze media team a call. It is what we do and very ‘old school’ professional well.

Any language really. It is not all English, although perhaps it should be for more impact. Indeed, 80% of the work we do is in Arabic. We do Hindi, Malayalam, you name it as well. It is all in the direction.

Before the Internet of things, productions were being made initially by ADmaze Media Bahrain and the portfolio is extensive, creating HD and 4K programmes, documentaries, advertorials, mostly in ‘broadcast format’ but not always. 3D is common now.  Content is also placed on Whodoeswhat.tv, Bahrain This Month magazine and The Gulf Daily News if and when they require or we request it.

Well known within the industry both locally and internationally, comfortably boasting a very strong reputation for finicky excellence and solid professional output, high-end audio and dynamic radio commercial production also plays a big part in the organization’s output. This and large telecom networks and major bank systems constitute a major part of the company’s work load designing and installing user-friendly yet complex systems from the ground up.

Who Does What TV or whodoeswhat.com is now part of Admaze Media which has always boasted extensive recording facilities and experienced video crew. Most ‘copywriting’, direction and presentation is done by Geg Hopkins,  (www.geghopkins.com), but the professional world is linked to the studio for almost any language. You can choose any voice or indeed actor, if they are available.  Svetlana Prodanova takes over production and geek and genius Julian Georgiev is never far from the camera or edit. A small core team, but a huge world out there working together with the group.

As for producing programmes for local television, which was a regular thing, surveys showed that fewer and fewer viewers were tuning into the channel as general programming was very weak and funds very limited to improve things. Likewise, media outlets in the region are few in numbers and content severely restricted. The end result, almost zero viewers nowadays. It was therefore decided was to begin placing a more extensive variation on a representative site which allows less scrutiny and content of a more commercial value. Paid content is also accepted. The future is now and it is Whodoeswhat.tv. Reports, commercial representation and so on whatever is all on-line and the viewers are their in their hundreds and more to prove it.

Social Media management and Production

The Internet has equalised the playing field for B2B marketing and as mentioned above, if it ‘aint in video to go with it, you will have a hard time keeping the reader’s attention.  Jumping around with an iPhone is not quality content. It is incredibly convenient and instantaneous, but it is not professional quality and sub-consciously or otherwise, your viewers or listeners are aware of it. Of course, great content can be published anywhere, which is why most successful B2B brands publish blogs, so get a professional company to produce it. As with everything IT, production costs are well down too.

B2B Vlogs and blogs:

You can get your name out there by being part of a B2B group. Try having at least one post a month produced as a vlog (video blog), using a crew who know how to get your message out there in the right places and you’ll soon see followers will appreciate your ‘out-there’ dynamics, and you’ll realise the benefits video can bring to your organisation.

If you have an event or programme of interest, feel free to contact Who Does what TV:

Tel:  +973 16609993 or mobile +973 39609993

Email: info@whodoeswhat.tv