‘A new meaning of tough’ says Almoayyed Motors General Manager; Sandeep Mathur. Quite possible at that because Ford boast some pretty hefty towing power, so one assumes that is either/or; on the end of a rope or

packed into the back.

There seems to be a bit of aesthetic competition going on between pick-up truck makers these days.  What with super sound systems added, USB connectors, even GPS and all the comfy seats, when ten minutes after purchase and put on the job, they are full of mud from workers or scratched to pieces having loads slung into them.  Hey don’t underestimate the worker!  Every truck driver has a mobile phone stuck to ‘his’ ear, so surely they need all the mod-cons en-route with the local Hindi/Urdu/Malayalam radio mix blasting out…… maybe..  Launched in the Middle East, but let’s face it, it is the same truck as available everywhere else – and in Europe it is a very different section of society who utilize (Ute?  Get it? Of forget it!) these things.
By the content of the advertising, it would be easy for one to think Al Moayyed Motors was pushing the bad-ass Ford Raptor F-150 macho truck, but as far as knows, the 2016 model is not due until autumn.

No Ladies and Gentlemen and others, this is the Ford Ranger general purpose pick-up truck……… like so many others…….or not, depending who you ask. The model on show here is not white, so that makes it different for start.

Looking at its future, there is nothing to suggest that it wont do very well in Bahrain alone, but across the Middle East, Ford like all the other American brands have their work cut out, but this truck is as tough as nails by all accounts and that will certainly bring in the customers because trucks around here take a damn good bashing.

On the other hand, if you are the hubby and are macho-centric wanting a truck, but the missus thinks that gross, but lets you do it, then rips your head off each time you suggest taking the truck out to a restaurant……. well this time you might be pleasantly surprised because the new ranger, although 4 x 4, is a very smooth ride around town and quiet.  Actually, the furniture is quite posh so lady hi-fi will probably forget that she is in a truck sitting on the ramp of the Four Seasons.  Go for it boys!