The Indian Ladies Association (ILA) has unveiled a new initiative aimed at empowering the youth, with the launch of ‘aaGaz,’ a program that signifies ‘New Beginnings’ in Urdu. The program is tailored for children aged 13 to 17, providing a platform for them to engage in community service, environmental conservation, and charity work.

Kiran Mangle, the ILA Honorary President, emphasized the importance of nurturing young minds. “Our youth are the custodians of the future. In an era dominated by social media and the Internet, they are well-informed and eager to contribute to society. ‘aaGaz’ will serve as a platform for them to develop essential skills, including fundraising, teamwork, and social responsibility,” Mangle stated.

The program, led by experienced ILA members Dr. Hemlata Singh, Ms. Swati Sanap, and Ms. Priyanka Jassal, will officially commence on June 5th with an event focused on environmental awareness. Former ILA presidents, along with environmentalist Mr. Kai Miethig, will participate in a tree-planting ceremony at the ILA premises. This event aims to raise environmental consciousness among the youth, who will discuss and advocate for sustainable practices.

In addition to environmental activities, ‘aaGaz’ will feature leadership training modules and a Mr. & Ms. Teen Bahrain event in the future. “We are excited about the potential of ‘aaGaz’ and encourage young members, both boys and girls, to join this initiative,” said Dr. Hemlata Singh, the program coordinator.

Enrollment is open to children of all nationalities. Interested participants can register for the program with an initial fee of BHD 5 via Google Forms. The program fee is BHD 40 for ILA members’ children and BHD 55 for non-members’ children, with flexible payment options available.

For more information or to become a member of ILA, individuals can contact Honorary Membership Secretary Hilda Lobo at +973 36990111. The ILA welcomes youth from diverse backgrounds to join ‘aaGaz’ and contribute to a brighter future.