During the 80s, Taiwan made a name for itself in the early days of PCs, supplying well-made, reliable motherboards and peripheral electronics. By contrast, Chinese products at the time really were immensely inferior. Korea had not yet made a mark and Japan led the world. It is all history now, with Asian Tiger Korea turning out desirable automobiles and Japan still holding first place for quality. China has come a long way making everything from matchsticks to matchboos and flooding the world with cheap goods of very questionable quality at times. Meanwhile Taiwan manufacturing has not diminished in the least. In fact a more varied range of goods are on offer and which is evident from the Trade Mission exhibitions doing the rounds.

No doubt your iPhone will have been made in Taiwan along with some of the other top brands, but again it is not only electronics that the Republic of China, (as opposed to ‘The People’s Republic of China’) are renowned for. This little get together of Taiwanese products in Bahraina shows that up very clearly.