March 2018: FYI only: Malaysian Week Bahrain. A short span video that will be out of date before many view it. An unusual post for as we almost ‘NEVER’ highlight press conferences but Social Media is social media and sometimes the spread is frighteningly fast and there are a couple of elements or exceptions which might interest more than a few. Most events are public, but some are by invitation only, so get on the list quick.

This is the first time that the Malaysian Embassy has organised a Malaysian fair in Bahrain. It is a start!
Frequent Malaysian trade, tourism, education and medical missions ply their wares in Bahrain but not as a sort of ‘Meet Malaysia Week’, such as the Great British Week or the American efforts. Publicizing this one, might encourage a more comprehensive spend for the next one. It is also the ‘first’ time many in Bahrain (or anywhere for that matter) will get to clock the new Malaysian Ambassador, H.E. Agus Salim bin Yusof in this case, again his first exposé to materialize as such with the channel.
So those interested in Malaysian activities, please subscribe because there will be more…… As H.E. Salim might say in the immortal words of Schwarzenegger; ‘I VILL BE BAAK’.