F1 racing drivers, or any others come to that, seem to have names only their mothers can pronounce.  Jolyon Palmer is only half way there  and it is pronounced as written which is a God send for media types.  Now then, 

what about this man?  Jolyon has attracted quite a lot of publicity and not always reasonable with half of it to do with the cars he drives.  Unlike say Lewis Hamilton who came from nowhere to smashing his way around the tracks and immense publicity over the few years he’s been driving. Jolyon Palmer is from a racing heritage with his dad well known and owning tracks. Jolyon is on the up and like many of the drivers, changes teams like the weather over Brighton.  This year it is Renault but very low expectations and an engine which is way off the Mercedes or Ferrari it seems. As we all now know, Jolyon Palmer was listed ‘last’ having retired in this year’s Bahrain Grand Prix. (Results) got the impression that he was hoping for around 12th position to get some points…… but… sorry mate… we routed for you.
Next best thing is to get the low down on the car’s performance because Jolyon’s new team mate Kevin Magnussen managed 11th and lapped, so no points there either.  Ah well!  The Renault has a certain je ne sais quoi with a long way to go obviously.