April 2016:  Yet another Toyota to choose from and you might have a spot of bother deciding since the recent batch of SUV/MPVs hitting the market from Toyota all have their essential identities and ‘innovations’, but all have the generic Toyota look.  So what to do?  Well Whodoeswhat.tv reckons

that a back to back test drive should be conducted and merited accordingly although the Innova has a smaller engine as standard and the Bahrain model appears to be only the 2.7 ltr ‘petrol engine’ version up for grabs.  Elsewhere in other big markets, such as say India, it is a 2.8 diesel under the hood The other issue which clouds our judgement is the fact that the Toyota Innova is not sold everywhere in the world under that name and once again, Bahrain fields as many different models as it can get its hands on.

For now looking at it, the Innova is a tidy car … um..no… MPV to say the least and since Bahrain is pure Toyota country, it will do well with a starting price of just over 10,000 Bahrain Dinars – which is about $27,000 at last count.  Do we see wallets….. ok purses coming out? Oddly, a comparison made between this Innova and the Fortuner and one or two other similar looking Toyotas, suggests that the Innova is the ‘PERFECT’ Land Cruiser for ladies. Hmmmmmm!  Well, there is something femininely attractive about the Innova.  Test drive needed – if only there was time.