Dec 2016: As near to 2017 as a squarely fitted light switch in Bahrain. They keep on coming and they all have the same engines (almost), so assume Toyota (or Lexus as they prefer to be labelled) don’t want to fix what aint broken. That is a good sign from the outset. The IS or ‘Intelligent Sedan’ offers up a few new lines and safety features along with LED lights. Well that is over the 2016 model from what we can make of it.

In the video under the bonnet bit (or hood if you are American), you can clearly see two kinky little numbers, one in each corner of the engine under the windscreen. That being; what is assumed to be some sort of explosive charges that in the event of a head-on, they go off and move the bonnet forward some way. The idea being that on impact, the hood doesn’t come back into the cabin and slice your head off.  Excuse the pun: ‘The anti-daesh board’.  On the F Sport version, there is also some new fangled suspension enhancement which adjusts the ride accordingly.

The latest agressive grill style that Lexus has nutured, sweeps down even lower on the IS and that is coupled to some rather niffty air intakes each side. They not only act as spoilers, but also channels air to the disk brakes to cool them down. Obviously, Lexus are anticipating some macho driver action with this sedan then. Other than that, it is another Lexus sedan with the associated hi-end appeal.