November 16th 2016:  Following on from the launch last year of the  XC90 SUV, a BIG favourite among the more stayed miscreants, comes the Volvo S90 sedan. Oddly, the car has been around a few months but there are not that many reviews out there yet, but give it time, .  A test drive would be nice, but again being media, we don’t get the time, so rely more on links. There is quite a bit about the S90 coupe which by the look of it really does remind us of the old days of ‘The Saint’ TVprogramme.  One wonders why?

Then the stunning looking dog’s bits to St Tropez ‘S90 convertible‘, move over Mercedes and BMW. Concept at the moment, but look at the artist’s impressions. Convertibles are not something Volvo do a lot of in a country where men’s underwear is sold in smaller sizes all year round, but this would rock in Bahrain, especially if the price is realistic.  For now though, the S90 sedan.  So the Volvo S90 is the next generation from the car maker who brought you seat belts. The Volvo quest for total safety continues and the C90 is no exception, with Volvo’s desire that not another human being ever dies in a Volvo or indeed gets killed by a Volvo.

With all that technology one might expect it to look a bit like a fancy Russian spy trawler with a zillion antennna and pods stuck all over it, but no!  This car has very smooth lines indeed and once again a ‘stayed’ but very good looking ‘family’ car. The difference between wearing underwear or not, even in Sweden.

Over the years, Volvos have had a bad wrap in the Middle East and quite clichéd, folk blame the environment with pap like; ‘These cars were built for the cold and the AC’s or radiator cooling system doesn’t work’ and so on.  But that is no different to most around these parts wanting Japanese over say American and God forbid anything British. With BMW’s made in Germany, it aint much colder there in winter, so that story is a myth – certainly nowadays. Half or more of the problem was the lax dealership.  However, that changed about 20 years ago when the Kanoo group took over and subsequently the Motor City division.  In fact no complaints at all. Oddly though, the ‘ultra safety’ aspects the Volvo offers, doesn’t seem to be paramount thinking among the local fraternity. Shame, because so many of them drive like derranged psychos; with others just sitting in the middle lane on highways, swaying in and out of the lane going slower than what is good for them on a freeway, as they fiddle sending text messages. As if nobody else in the mile long queue behind them is aware of what they are doing.  Duh!

Volvo rocks anyway, but it is not going to attract the mad ass younger set who want bright yellow, even pink throaty Chargers or the like. Many of the rest get a giant GMC and pack the house into the car when going from one village to the other, or bringing the entire family in from Saudi for the weekend. Then there is the Lexus breed which this Volvo actually sits well with, so you can see that the market is quite specific for Volvo, but Motor City are indeed pulling out the stops and we are seeing a few more on the road these days.