April – 2017: To many it might seem like just another supermarket promotion, but to the Taiwanese it is a very big thing.  So vital in fact that they fly some big wigs in from time to time to do the presentations.  This is the second year that the Taiwan Trade Mission in Bahrain have held their fruit promotion (that Who Does What knows about that is), but this year the team have added a couple of prized flower plants from the Orchid family.

This time, magistrate Pan Men An was present. Very sweet and juicy pineapples are on show (for purchase as well), along with Dragon Fruit, Guava and Lime. All very Taiwanese. Watch the video and you’ll see the names of the orchids. Who knew that Dragon Fruit came in two shades?  Well if you listen to some of the comments the chaps from Taiwan made, then we’ll all be experts.
Al Jazira Supermarket (Probably the oldest supermarket chain in Bahrain) often cater a little more exotic than some of the other hypermarkets in Bahrain which so often focus mainly on the Sub Continental market, so for them to support the Taiwanese products would not be unusual. After all, the days when most of the expatriate community in Bahrain were British have long-long gone.  In those days though, the Brits used to shop at what they affectionately refer to as ‘AJ’s’ in order to find beloved ‘traditionals’ like; OXO, HP Sauce and pork sausages and bacon to name but just a tiny number. Of course, all the major supermarkets now carry most of the famous British brands and then some, but only two will sell pork. (AJs and Al Osrah). As for Taiwanese products, well let’s see how it goes, because for sure the Trade Mission are extremely active as you can see by other video posts on this site.

As a footnote and sort of disclaimer if you like; Whodoeswhat.tv is a media outlet as such and we just report events and do interviews as and when we are invited or accommodated. Being video reports however, not only means a lot of work to film and compile, but carry greater responsibility than just the quick photograph and one strap line on a web site or magazine, since the reports are out there forever.  WhoDoesWhat.tv has absolutely no affiliation, political or otherwise to any official body, other than we fully support Bahrain. That’s it really – full stop! However, in that respect, WhoDoesWhat.tv do get on very well with the Taiwanese as we do with the Mainland Chinese contingent (or did). Even better when we were doing programmes for Bahrain Television (now vanished into thin air). In fact, Who Does What has extremely good relations with all embassies and associated bodies. However, politics seem to play a rather sour hand it seems.
As mentioned, the Taiwanese are extremely active and personally go out of their way to pave the way for any publicity they can get, whereas The People’s Republic contingent mysteriously no longer keep in touch. Call us old fashioned, but ……

With no shame WhoDoesWhat commend the Taiwanese people for banning the eating of dogs.(and cats).  As huge lovers of animals of all sorts, WhoDoesWhat.tv give Taiwan a very big hug.