You read it right! Embassies have adopted Facebook pages long ago, even if they do have to censor some of the comments all too often. It is rare, if ever that we hear of an Embassy getting into the other Social Media scenes as a player. For sure, Donald Trump probably wishes that his Embassies had tweety fingers and so on. Well, the Bangladesh Embassy in Bahrain wants to do it big time!

They want ‘The Blog as well, full of stories and comments – This Embassy is counting on becoming serial Instagrammers, bloggers and why not Tweeters. It is the thing to do when you think about it. Especially for Bangladesh who have an awful lot of expatriates overseas in the labour domain. They all keep in touch with their Embassies regularly and what better way than to have it broadcast at you or full on interaction on-line. Not only the Bangladesh community either. All media will be in English and Bengali. Since English is widely spoken, there wont be much missed.  Oddly, Bahrain for Bahrainis are heavily into Snap Chat and the likes, with Tinder and similar seemingly on overload, but that is another story.

Bangladesh has a lot to offer.  It has its problems like every other country and then some when one considers the natural disasters constantly hitting the country in the form of water. Most of Bangladesh’s problems stem from lack of outside world awareness and the ‘secret tourist jackpot’ that it is – and it will open up more for sure. Bangladesh in on the rise and it is positive. The next Mid Asian Tiger is not so far in the near future.

If you have a story or something to say, make sure you get involved with the Embassy community on Social Media, they are waiting to hear from you.