Rashid Al Khalifa Misk Art Award Riyadh

Bahrain’s very own Sheikh Rashid Al Khalifa triumphs in Saudi Arabia.

With the rapid and VERY NOTICEABLE changing face of Saudi Arabia, with its new drive to become a knowledge based economy and society, the non-profit Misk Foundation of Saudi Arabia was founded in 2016  by His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman Abdulaziz who is the Chairman of the Board.  Misk is an administrative body devoted to cultivating and encourage learning and leadership among youth.

‘Misk’ actually takes its name from the perfume Musk as in Arabic and at its outset provides the means to foster and empower talent, creative potential and innovation.  Topics and vocations covered range from art to Science and technology.

In 2017 ‘Misk Art Institute’ was formed as an offshoot of The Misk Foundation and is notably a more visual aspect of the organisation. Its aim is to establish grassroots artistic production in Saudi Arabia to enable appreciation of Saudi and Arab art in general.  It also strives to nurture international cultural diplomacy and exchange.

With such a presence, Misk Art Institute has already made its mark on Saudi society, hosting well received exhibitions and encouraging not only Saudi Artists to create, but across the entire region and beyond. With that in mind, since its inception the Institute has established its now annual award ceremony which coincides with ‘The Misk Art Festival’.  Quite literally unheard of just a short while back, this public event features everything from ancient renderings to up-to-date live pop music.

Unselfishly, The Misk Art Institute scours the region and further afield for artistic works which can influence or be appreciated within Saudi society and on merit awards individuals for their efforts. The majority of those receiving awards are from Saudi Arabia, but there is no criteria and the 2019 award ceremony saw other Indians, Bahrainis and other Gulf Arabs, along with Europeans and even an Asian contingent either taking the trophy or exhibiting.

One notable winner is Bahrain’s own, now world renowned artist Sheikh Rashid AlKhalifa who was invited as guest of honour, to not only receive his award, but visit the King Salman bin Abdul Aziz Hall, the elaborate King Fahad Cultural Centre and later spend an evening at the Misk Art Expo. According to Reem Alsultan, C.E.O of the Misk Art Institute; ‘Not only Sheikh Rashid’s well-known works were scrutinized but he was rewarded primarily for his ‘talent, commitment in the field and what he brings to the table in encouragement’.