Bahrain has a lot of hidden but open secrets. Not so secret now is Marassi Boulevard with its ground breaking ceremony kicking off the dash to get it up.  Like so much more in Diyar Al Muharraq, much of it in development and it is huge!  Huge – huge – huge.  All reclaimed land and almost the size of the original Bahrain. A part of this development is the Eagle Hills input (Abu Dhabi) and Al Marassi Al Bahrain.  It is moving at an astonishing rate  and buildings are appearing in a blink. Already the massive beach is in constant use by the public. This was a giant leap for Bahrain, an island with a beach all the way around, but no-one able to utilize it.

There are numerous so-called luxury developments going on in Bahrain, some of them kosher, some just talk, some stalled. Al Marassi is definitely on the move and nobody more enthusiastic than Who Does What TV’s good friend, Dr. Maher Al Shaer who we worked with way back in the 80s when they opened the very first mall in Bahrain.  My God has Maher risen to great heights since then, even obtained a doctorate since. Maher is one determined and dedicated man and this project is flowing. We can’t keep up with him. Watch this space.

From their web site you get a good idea of the ongoing determination with this development. Many of the big announcements made by other developers a few years back, seem to have slowed in their progress with Al Marassi leaping ahead at a frantic pace. “An unparalleled experience awaits at Marassi Boulevard. Four residential buildings, with 240 units, offer a wide selection ranging from studios to three bedrooms. Lined with 700 m2 of retail space, the boulevard faces Marassi Galleria, and is within walking distance to the waterfront promenade”.

Bahrain is surrounded by beach. it is an island duh….. and funny enough, most of it sand, but you hear the locals bleat; ‘Bahrain has no public beaches’ and it was sort of true in as much as none have really been developed or conditioned for the public or to attract tourists.  Indeed, until recently, it has been a pretty poor effort all round accept Al Jazair public beach which sort of goes up and down with things appearing and some maintenance, then it all sort of fizzles.  The nearby small sandy Islands, such as Al Dar, are heavily used for boaters, but there are no real facilities. Now though, already we see sometimes thousands of Bahrain residents using the massive beach at Al Marassi, especially at weekends. It is big enough to accommodate a few thousand or so more. Tradition will never allow it to become the Bondi of Bahrain, but still it is all pretty liberal and the facilities expanding.