Dec. 2017: The Ritz-Carlton Bahrain definitely getting Christmas jiggy and in the the spirit – a little early perhaps if one considered it the ’12 days of Christmas’, but who cares?  Plus Christmas in Bahrain coincides with the country’s national day which is on December 16th.

Christmas is a fabulous time of year.  This video was taken during the lighting of the Christmas tree ceremony, whereby up to 400 guests were expected, but at least three times that or more turned up. The car park (and it is one of the most expansive hotel car parks in Bahrain) was absolutely choker. Certainly big crowds and the hotel full.

For sure, whodoeswhat.tv are going to get some ear ache over this. Many other hotels, the smallest to the largest offer up similar ceremonies in Bahrain and on this night, we were made aware of at least 3 other 5 star establishments lighting their trees. Sadly for them, whodoeswhat.tv was not invited or informed, whereas the Ritz-Carlton went out of their way to make sure we were there. All we can say is; ‘Get your PR sorted’ and DON’T complain because we did not cover it.

Now for those who follow whodoeswhat.tv; you will remember a video produced last year (2016) whereby we filmed the Ritz-Carlton Hotel drive in. It was done with a gimbal’d camera as we sat on the back of an electric cart running through the tunnels. It was only meant to be a personal little thing the crew decided to do after finishing a 3 day Chef competition.  It was about 2 am and we were tired out, but we did it. Put it up for fun and attracted thousands and thousands and thousands of views on Facebook. (We never made a penny out of that). The drive in is the same arrangement this year, so no need to film it again.