April 2018: WESTIN CITY CENTRE LOYALTY FEAST.  Sounds strange doesn’t it, but nothing strange about it.  A lot of hotels seem to do this once or twice a year and the Westin Bahrain City Centre is no exception. Other than the American’s would spell it; Westin City Center Loyalty feast.  This time it was a pool-side barbecue for loyal patrons, customers, guests etc.  Oh, and the media.

Guess who should have been there earlier. Who Does What.tv, but that day we had around 5 or 6 events and interviews to film, so by the time we got to the gig, it was almost over. Nothing new there then and we often miss the dinner, lunch or whatever because we have to film.  Shame, because there was a lot of juicy steaks, chicken the works and all the typical barbecue trimmings. Vegetarians had a choice too it seems. Not too posh and fancy, preferred….just get on with it and eat, oh and drink. The Merlot and pints flowing and no complaints all round.

To add to the pleasure, the Westin had obviously put some serious effort into this, since they had about a dozen business card raffle prizes to give away. Mainly stays in other hotels across the UAE, or indeed at the Westin in Bahrain. Dinners for two/four in the likes of Furn Bistro and Bakery. That’s the Westin’s mixed cuisine restaurant and so on.

Around the pool though, there was a guy walking among the guests playing saxophone along to the music the DJ was playing.  Quite good really!  Imagine, that would normally be a guitarist singing some mellow love song if it was a Mexican restaurant. Dark as it was, some footage was obtained and by that time, many guests had already left and the food packed away.  Worse, the bar closed. Ok it was late, but this crew missed it. Not even a chip or a sniff. On the way out, Anna-Marie Dowling, the complex’s General Manager asked if the overall event was enjoyable and the food top form. What to answer?  Never got chance and as we were so rushed and busy all day, a horse on a plate would have gone down well. Bless her cotton dress, lovely Anna-Marie was eager to make up for it and offered whatever we wanted in the Furn Bistro.  More unfortunate, it was late and the nose bag for the donkey was in the car as the kit was lugged out, so the offer turned down. Plus next day was an unearthly start. But but but, there is always another time.