Violence Against Women

April 2018: Violence Again Women is a movement started by the Bahrain Woman Society. However, this latest Family Law implemented in Bahrain, covers many other aspects as well, not only domestic abuse.  It also includes divorce ruling which differs considerably between the Sunni and Shiite sects. Custody of children in a divorce is another aspect, also citizenship to the children of Bahraini women which was previously denied.

Championing this new law is lawyer Fowzia Janahi who has agreed to offer FREE consultancy to women who are affected. It also hopes to garner awareness among the many thousands of women who have absolutely no idea that there are now laws in Bahrain to protect them.

The Bahrain Woman Society has teamed up with Fowzia to offer a haven if you like, a place where women can go or at least contact if they are in distress. Fowzia will also be conducting lectures and talks, particularly at Mosques and Maatams and even personal visits to homes.

Bahrain is one of the few Islamic country to challenge the ancient thinking and belittlement of women. Violence in the home has no place now with this new law. As far as these laws go though, much of it actually goes against the teaching or mindset, which obviously puts Bahrain in the forefront of criticism by bigots. Astonishingly, when the first draft of the Family Law was presented, the Shiite community actually rejected it on the grounds of Islamic ideology. Therefore more rift existed between the Sunni rights over the Shiite, but it was the latter’s choice.  Now those differences have hopefully been ironed out and not only women’s rights, but general humanitarian equality is available to all.