Adam Byatt Celebrity Chef

April 2018: Adam Byatt Celebrity Chef is British and a Michelin Star maestro at that. He really does cook up some astounding flavours using none too pretentious ingredients. This is another in the Capital Club Bahrain series of ‘Celebrity Chef’ appearances. They are coming thick and fast now and the variety it brings is quite gob smacking so to speak.

Adam has the Michelin restaurant ‘Trinity’ in South London, Clapham to be exact. He has three restaurants in all and awards in numbers, but Trinity is the star and the business end of class. What we like about it is the extremely reasonable menu prices, knowing now what sort of delights are going to be dished up by this kitchen genius. Fish N’ Chips for four on the corner chippy is more expensive and judging by some of the restaurant prices of the other chefs Who Does have interviewed, then Trinity is dream. Look at the menu.

Anyway, this writer was a homeboy of Streatham (pronounced ‘stret-ham’ for goodness knows why) and Clapham area. In fact, the kin still live there. Just the words on a cockney tongue doesn’t lend itself to Michelin Star status, but there it is; ‘Adam Byatt Celebrity Chef’ and it is doing exceptionally well according to Adam. Adam also states that he is a chef first and foremost, but a businessman to boot and all’s well in Clapham. Mind you, it was centuries ago that we were in the hood, but look at the dockland area now, you need 50 vineyards and 20 yachts just to buy a drink in one of the restaurants around there these days. So Clapham obviously has the makings of a Greenwich Village it seems. Adam is sold on the place and not going anywhere soon.

As for TV, well again, Adam makes it clear that he is a Chef first (and a damn good one) and anything else is just icing. Unlike others who just can’t keep their face off the box, Adam Byatt, takes it as it comes and doesn’t seem too interested in investing in any massive production suite any time soon, but updating the wine cellar and getting in the fresh produce for the next experiment in flavours obviously takes priority.

Another thing that is not mentioned in the video; Adam is an advocate of preservation and reservation, yet he says he likes ‘shooting’. Not dwelling on the issue we didn’t go deeper, so not sure exactly what that means. For sure he doesn’t go out on Clapham Common with a 12 bore and knock off any pheasants that might be hiding in the trees, quite the contrary. He alludes to conservation in terms of things like; we are emptying the oceans, soon there will be nothing left.  He is of course absolutely correct. He also mentioned that we need to just hold back a bit on the protein and not eat so much meat. Not that vegetarian is Adam’s crusade or anything like, but he does offer vegetarian options quite a lot. However, to watch Adam prepare a goose on You tube, it is almost psychopathic, but for sure it tastes just delicious. Hypocrisy is alive and well. Maybe he means that factory farming and the ruthless and so degenerate ‘gavage’, stuffing corn into a goose’s mouth by tube, to produce Foie gras for the perverted is just heinous and there is no need for it, but would a Michelin Chef be a Michelin Chef if Foie gras wasn’t on the menu somewhere?

The bottom line though; money is a culture and raping the oceans or factory feeding animals to mass slaughter is never going to end in a hurry and the various cultures of the world deem it there absolute right to catch as many fish as they can and so on, never giving a thought to replenishment or anyone else for that matter.