Bangladesh New Year Celebrations Bahrain and Good News

April 14th 2018: Bangladesh New Year Celebrations Bahrain and Good News.  It is very good news actually and worth the world’s media looking up and paying attention, because this progress is not going to stop any time soon. Bangladesh is on the rise.

Yes, Bangladesh is a hotchpotch of religion, politics and seemingly little education, but that is really no different to any country’s profile if you break down the reality. Ok, it is not Islamic in say Britain (yet), or other so-called developed nations. Sure, education is available to all in Europe and so on, but this lack of desire for education among the masses is pretty noticeable and covered up in western societies, whereas it is ‘NOT’ in the Bangladesh way of things. It is remarkable. The west really cannot boast of such activities in some of their inner cities. However, as resources were not previously available, Bangladesh admits and indeed somewhat appeases the uneducated as if they can’t help it, thus tolerate it. That too is about to change. The difference being that if you give the Bangladeshi the opportunity for school and progress, it is like a bee hive, they all get involved.  Indeed, Bangladesh are hell bent on doing something about it now that they have found their own resources and not dependent on aid from the rest of the world. Not at all now! Can you imagine if they found oil?

The best way to describe Bangladesh’s unnoticed rise is perhaps changing the words to a few well known songs.  How about: ‘We did it our way’. For Bangladesh is indeed doing everything themselves and that includes the massive finance requirements.

It is a completely different psyche and the world best be prepared, because Bangladesh is rising and rising fast, right under our noses and we don’t even notice it. Their exports are going through the roof and it is not all cheap labour, there are rules and doors open to betterment. It has a long way to go, but it is coming and that means the T shirts many of us wear might start costing a good few cents more. To counteract that, your pharmaceutical needs with out of this world expensive drugs might drastically come down in price and Bangladesh is responsible, taking on the world in this category and producing certified quality material, which western country are flocking to buy.

Bangladesh are building roads and bridges; power stations and schools; opening up opportunity to their nearly 170 million inhabitants. Imagine, in ten years from now, if Bangladesh keeps on growing at this phenomenal rate, you will not have a zillion Bangladeshi available to you to sweep your roads and build your houses, now on hand at the wave of a stick. India started to rise, with wages at home becoming much more of reality. We already see less labour force available to other developing countries, but the big difference there is the numbers.  India is in the billions, little old Bangladesh is just getting up to 170 million with a third of them scattered all over the world, currently working cheap labour. It is going to change, and it is going to change fast!

Bangladesh never pokes its nose in other country’s affairs if they can help it, for they know only too well of their misgivings at home. They also know they are considered the basket case of Asia (Henry Kissinger), they know many other countries abuse the power of the Bangladeshi worker; they know they have to build roads, bridges and airports; they know electricity has to be a God given right to every household. But until now, Bangladesh never had the money. The little they had was gifted and it went into feeding its nation and repairing the constant destruction caused by natural disaster. That is if there was anything left in the coffers, but normally there wasn’t. Now there is and it didn’t come from aid. Bangladesh is a big surprise which the world is maybe just not ready for yet.