Portugal Day 2018

Yes, Portugal Day 2018, but for this recording, not on the actual Portugal Day which is June 10th. There are good reasons for that and if you read on, it can all be explained.
This is simply a magazine style post and Social Media exposé as a sort of documented nostalgia for those who commissioned it – and perhaps of passing interest to one or two subscribers (or not, whichever the case may be). Not to mention the advertising value of it. As they say; ‘You pays fer what yah gets’ and since 99 percent of all video covering events these days is chronically streamed or recorded on a smart phone……..no contest here.

Whodoeswhat.tv covers most of the National Days (stressing – not all) and the Embassies seem to like our inimitable video style which is of course longer and less snappy than the more frequent news reports ‘Who Does What’ produce, but a little more socially comprehensive purely as a magazine post. Quite funny really, as so many of these videos feature the same faces, such as Ambassadors and other dignitaries and each and every one of them deserves their own little star on the Manama Corniche because as soon as the camera faces them, they go into a well rehearsed pose, which makes the job very pleasing.

Portugal Day 2018 is as it is every year on June 10th, held in commemoration of Luís de Camões who died this day in 1580. The more discerning among you who might happen to read this scrawl at the time of posting will no doubt discern that the date is May 3rd and a tad early. Fear not, it is all deliberate which is common practice in Bahrain when celebrations fall in Ramadan. Holly Molly, the Americans celebrated July 4th in the first week of April in Bahrain. Not sure what that was all about.

Anyway, posted here because this is one of the more social and very friendly get-togethers by comparison. Of course, the Portuguese and friends of the Portuguese like their vino and food of all descriptions and few if any would make it an issue in Bahrain should the bash be on the day, smack in the middle of Ramadan, but out of courtesy to those who abstain during this holy month, such occasions are marked before the crescent moon is sighted (estimated May 17th 2018). No objections, anything that passed through the mouth this evening was exceptional.

[For those interested; The music is the music bed to a classic Portuguese folk song which every single Portuguese national can no doubt sing verbatim, it is called ‘Ó Malhão, Malhão’].