Ritz-Carlton Bahrain Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony 2018

Dec 4th: Still a bit early as of this post don’t cha fink? Not even sure why Who Does What TV bother to put these videos up, but we do and they get watched by rather a lot of people.  Seen one, seen them all we guess.  One reason is, we all LOVE CHRISTMAS IN BAHRAIN.  Every night from the end of November to about the 6th or 7th of December, every hotel, club and anyone who has room for a Christmas tree in Bahrain, do a ceremony lighting the things.  This is the Ritz-Carlton version and we will do the Jumeira too, but sorry, we had to turn down a dozen invitations as we can only handle a few.  So how do we choose which ones to support?

Obviously personal relations and amount of business with the said establishment. However, saying that, the Ritz-Carlton tree lighting event is actually a news item, because it is HUGE!!!  As usual, the Ritz was beyond packed for it. A traffic jam from the hotel, all the way out, half a mile to the main highway. It didn’t put the punters off though, in they came by the thousands it seemed. The Ritz tend to go out of their way decoration wise this time of year. Half of it is for National Day, but one suspects a lot of it is for Christmas.

One wonders if they do this in other countries to such a level.
Bahrain is a great place to be over the Christmas period and this is um..er.. a Muslim Country.. Don’t let that scare you; we do Christmas BIG TIME!

You’ll see Hi-Rise buildings by the score all lit up in red and white. These are the colours of Bahrain and it coincides with National Day, which makes it all one big celebration time.  In fact huge LED displays on said buildings will flash ‘Happy Christmas’ right up to the event.

So one major criticism of the Ritz-Carlton and we don’t know who ordered or decided that, but we think it was low level and probably American;  Nobody mentioned Christmas, it was all; ‘Happy Holidays’.  This offends more people than the sickly few who take it on themselves to protect the tiny-tiny minority who might be offended. There is absolutely no need for such Politically Correct hog wash in Bahrain.  ‘Happy Christmas’offends almost NO-ONE!!!  It is one event on this tiny Island that everyone from Muslims, Hindus, Buddists Brexiteers to Remainers, all look so much forward to and milk it to the Nth, at the same time enjoying every second of it.