Devji gold jewellery manufacturing in Bahrain

January 2019:  Spell it how you like; ‘jewelry’ (American) or ‘jewellery’ (English), it really matters not, because an ounce or two of either in your pocket will fetch exactly the same value. “Devji gold jewellery manufacturing in Bahrain” is only part of it. Let’s not mention the new (as of this video) diamond factory in full swing. The Devji Group featured here, is literally swimming in the stuff, or is that sinking as in weight, because it certainly isn’t sinking economically, in fact absolutely the opposite.  The company is booming.

one wonders how much gold is held in the Middle East all round.  How much in Bahrain alone?  It must be an awful lot, although the Arabs love gold as a colour, decorating hotels and public buildings in a disgusting yellow simulation, the people are not known for hoarding it. If Fort Knox in the States holds around 8,000 tons of gold reserves and is by no means the world leader in having large stashes of the stuff for that rainy day, then how much does some of the other countries which mine the precious metal have in their cupboards. Well for a start, if one day India decides to raid its citizens’ piggy banks, or literally rip the glitter of the necks of the few billion women who treasure this metal more than life itself, then the entire world economy would collapse with gold as its standard. Simply, India and the Sub Continent would be able to swamp the world in ‘pure’ glitter at full carat, because they would be in possession of at least half, if not a lot more of all gold ever mined, one would have thought.  An interesting analogy was made by a one Max keiser of the ‘Keiser Report’, shown on ‘Russia today’.  Keiser is a very astute financial guru who is in love with Bit Coin. He has a tremendous knack of highlighting the untold truths of Wall Street and our banks and his observation regarding the amount of personal gold held in India will perk up your ears.

Fortunately, the smart Indian government, does not seem to take into account personal gold hoards when assessing their reserves compared to the world market, so we are all ok for now…. aren’t we?

You’ve probably noticed by now that sentence after sentence of praise being heaped on Devji is just not happening. This video is not a paid advertorial, quite the opposite, we wish it was, but having been given the chance to film in the new factories, it was plain to see that there are some really very talented artisans plying their vocation, without as much as murmur from what we can tell. They just get on with it, seemingly happy as  or so the saying goes. For that reason, Who Does What thanks the company and here is a little bonus publicity for you.

As for the Indian Devji family; they have been in Bahrain since the late 40s, setting up the factory and shops in the early 50s,  It is very much a family concern with three brothers at the helm, Bhaskar, Prakash and Mahesh Devji.  The company has jewellery stores across the Middle East, but as far as we can tell, the ‘charm’ is manufactured in Bahrain and exported.

Looking at the styles and bling, it can be seen that they cater for a Middle Eastern/Asian taste one might think. Of course, its gold, it is all good doubt, even a simple farmer and his wife in outback Minnesota or a cotton picker in deep Alabama would ‘shuuuurrrr laik to git thur hends on a peess ‘a dis..

Who Does What, never got to film in the Diamond factory, which is next door to the Gold factory.  Why we don’t know, but assume it is something to do with security.  Whenever diamonds are mentioned on an industrial scale, a hush comes over the land. Not that Devji would know anything about that, on the contrary, this company is so well respected in Bahrain, they are firmly part of the gorgeous furniture.

Security must be a serious part of the operation, but it is so well concealed at Devji, without a hint of that awful butchness we tend to see at most airports, companies and hotels these days (in almost every country). Just the staggering amount of 22 carat gold literally lying about the Devji factory will astonish any visitor unfamiliar with a jewellery factory and its workings. Of course, even with large camera bags and a billion pockets in our media jackets, there is no way we are going to be able to walk out with as much as a dust particle  – because all that is taken good care of too as one leaves.  Don’t fret, you won’t even notice it going on…. or coming off you for that matter.

We have witnessed small jewellers with their maybe only one artisan working in the back room, crafting from design to finished product for the shop front.  Devji is on an industrial scale, but still the fine art and deliberation is also astonishing to watch. Can Who Does What replicate that in a short scurry around the factory floor with a hand held video camera sporting a standard lens?  Of course not, but hopefully you get the idea.