FAI Indoor Skydiving World Cup 2018 – closing ceremony Bahrain.

October 2018: Done and dusted, but this is a nice little reportage video. It flows along quite nicely.  FAI Indoor Skydiving World Cup 2018 – closing ceremony Bahrain. Some of you might have seen the ‘Opening Ceremony’ whodoeswhat.tv covered;  hardly the Olympics, but hey, this is a relatively new sport and somewhat selective.

Here we are showing you who won, but also looking somewhat behind the scenes of the World Cup of Indoor Sky Diving. How it all started with 3 Latvian guys who flew haphazardly at the Turin Olympics Closing Ceremony in 2006. Who were those guys?  It was so new and spectacular at the time and a complete novelty as part of the ceremony. Few if any bothered to ask who was inside those flappy suits the flyers were wearing as they seemingly did the impossible, literally flying in free air with no wings or engines.  This writer remembers the event well and indeed being curious as to how they did it, but never really thinking about who the athletes were.  Well, if you watch this video, you will now know who it was and they all belong to the company which builds many ‘tunnel’s (as they call them).  A company from Latvia by the name of Aerodium. It is second time that Who Does What.tv has interviewed members and each time it is free flowing and full of fun. Great guys, fun guys and very talented at that.

We talk again with Singapore’s Team Firefly, who took most of the medals over the usual France. These two girls are fast becoming the Bench mark. Two very young, dedicated girls, but to watch the synchronicity is astounding. Then the grace of the Polish entrant Maja Kuczynska is also sight to behold.
Indoor Sky diving is not an Olympic sport yet, but heading that way with some gusto. Especially if you note some of the extreme glamour the sport is attracting. Yeah yeah yeah, we are all in love.. Just watch the video 50 times.

Gravity Bahrain is up and coming.  What came over as a huge novelty in the beginning, plus a somewhat expensive pastime for those who fancied a go, it gave the impression that it was just another fair-ground ride, short lived and hardly innovative. Until you go there that is!  This IS serious stuff and growing at such a rapid pace. The venue for the 3rd World Cup (who’d have thought?) certainly put the Bahrain tunnel well and truly on the map. Granted, the owner wasn’t going to skimp on anything and must be commended for providing a dream venue with all the trimmings for the participants.  It really did impress.

As for an Olympic sport, well don’t be surprised if that happens in the very near future. If the world can be mesmerized by a somewhat butch Russian earthling pushing a heavy metal ball to a trajectory just a few metres in front of them, then surely the as mentioned grace and charm of Polish teenager Maja Kucznska effortlessly wafting in a wind tunnel is equally engaging. Again, Team Singapore, you just have to watch the perfection when those two young ladies and very old close friends strut their stuff in what stuns one into believing they are physically joined at the bits. It is unmissable.