The Ritz-Carlton (Bahrain) Art competition

April 2019: knew absolutely nothing about this event or that the competition had even taken place. We were in Bangladesh filming a documentary. Now back and actually interviewing a Michelin Chef in one of the Ritz’s Restaurants on the same day and the GM (Bernard) of the hotel approached saying that he was looking forward to us covering the ‘prize giving’…… Um.. What Prize Giving’? – The award ceremony was about to start in 10 minutes. The Ritz-Carlton (Bahrain) Art competition.

We assumed that because the Hotel ‘OWNERSHIP’ is the same artist who takes us with him on tours and exhibitions, it was taken for granted that we would automatically cover this. Not so, but we are so glad we did. There is something about this little exercise that warrants merit. If you are arty-farty and interested in the skills, then clock this and make a comment. The Ritz staff loved it, praised all efforts and ‘OWNERSHIP’, but art is art and full of critique on all sides. were privy to exclusive and constructive comments from the ‘OWNERSHIP’, which remain unpublished for now. Perhaps they were not quite on par with all concerned so will stay closeted until the next time. How’s that for a teaser?