Chinese National Day Celebrations – Bahrain 2019

September 2019: Celebrated a little early in Bahrain, since the real day is October 1st.

It’s the 70th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China and this huge country has come a very long way in a very short time in so many respects. In just the past 30 years China has transformed in leaps and miracles, now giving the impression of a thoroughly modern metropolis encapsulating the land. However, China is still vast areas as raw as the day the earth became and we are surely going to be amazed even further in decades rather than centuries as cities expand.

Not dismissing this incredible infrastructure progress in any way, for that is beyond the real meaning of ‘fantastic’, but the riches the country has accrued too for a communist entity (so-called), can only be a reward well deserved. It is all phenomenal progress and the envy of the world especially as China reaches out to under developed countries sharing this progress. Then to say the least, the people have opened up so much more, they are by and large immensely amicable compared to the stereotype of 30 years ago.

Yet beyond all this flare, collectively their viewpoint and flexibility seems to have stifled. The next 30 years could be very interesting indeed. Congratulations as the world watches with intensity.

As for why this was recorded in September; it all depends on availability of various officials who attend these events and of course if the preferred venue is free – as in not booked. Other than that, always enjoyable evenings and a token gesture of pride within nations. The Chinese Ambassador An Wa’er (often just written as Anwaer as in the Arabic name) is an extremely pleasant diplomat indeed, not only among the Diplomatic Corp. but publicly as well it seems and he impresses the local fraternity with his Arabic too.

These events all follow much the same format; shake hands with the same faces, make a quick speech, cut the cake, have a bit of traditional music or dancing if it can be sourced, devour the buffet and go home until the next one.