On Monday, March 18, U.S. Ambassador Steven C. Bondy and Ms. Meghan Bondy celebrated the holy month of Ramadan by hosting an Iftar for talented Bahrainis who have participated in U.S. Embassy-sponsored exchange programs.  This event celebrated the broad and deep friendship between the United States and Bahrain.

Ambassador Bondy congratulated the attendees on their outstanding work in building businesses, developing their communities, protecting the environment, doing insightful reporting, and creating unique works of art.  This annual Iftar recognizes the dynamism of Bahraini youth and their meaningful contributions to ongoing U.S.-Bahrain partnership.  In November, U.S. Embassy programs and exchanges received the Youth Supporter award from the Supreme Council for Youth and Sports, headed by His Highness Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa.  The Ambassador emphasized that the U.S. Embassy seeks to build on that success and continue to expand the number of Bahrainis traveling to the United States on exchange programs or choosing the United States as a destination for higher education.  He added, “our programs expand professional networks, foster talent, and nurture the close and enduring relationship between our two countries.”

In his remarks, Ambassador Bondy said, “Ramadan is a holy month of reflection and prayer and allows us to reconnect with our family, friends, and communities.  This Iftar is a highlight of Ramadan for the Embassy team and an opportunity to celebrate the Bahraini exchange program alumni for their longstanding partnership and collaboration.  Overall, the number of Bahrainis choosing our exchanges is growing, and we could not be prouder about what that says about the importance of U.S.-Bahrain ties.”