MANAMA, Bahrain, March 27, 2024

The annual “Colours of Life Poetry” Festival hits the stage for the eleventh time and features over 20 poets representing many nationalities, including Canadian, Indian, British, and more. “Colours of Life” might be the only poetry festival on the island that includes musical and visual accompaniment to the poems.

“Colours of Life” 2024 will be presented on April 20 from 7 pm to 8:30 pm at #10 room at the British Club, in Um Al Hassam. Entrance is free and the event is open to all – first come, first served.

The “Colours of Life” Poetry Festival is organised by The Second Circle, a sister group of the Bahrain Writers’ Circle and was the brainchild of David Hollywood who was the charismatic founder of both, The Second Circle and the “Colours of Life” Poetry Festival.

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About Bahrain Writers’ Circle (BWC)

The Bahrain Writers’ Circle (BWC) is a volunteer group established in 2011 by Robin Barratt – best-selling author of true crime. It welcomes writers at all stages of their writing lives and aims to create an encouraging environment in which to nurture creativity, improve the craft of writing, and provide an opportunity to network with other writers.

The BWC has two sub-groups, The Second Circle – a poetry group and the Creative               Writers’ Workshop – which explores the craft of writing. A monthly meeting, held virtually, on the business of writing and publishing takes place on the second Monday of every month. The BWC is now probably the biggest group of international and local writers in Bahrain.

BWC “Colours of Life” Poetry Festival/2

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About the British Club

The British Club, which was voted “Best Social Club in the World” in the UK Telegraph’s Best of British awards, is one of the oldest and most popular private clubs in Bahrain. The Club was founded in 1935 and was originally known as The Gymkhana Club. Since then it has gone from strength to strength and currently has over 1500 members.

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