13th March 2018: This is Hempel Paints Bahrain. Whodoeswhat is not actually sure if this video should be a paid for advertisement. Trust us, it is not! Not yet anyway…………….  The event was the launch of Hempel’s new range, but as the title suggests; Noha Nabil Launches Hempel Paints Topaz Range’, it then becomes a local news or community item of interest as soon as a personality of some standing.. um.. er.. stands in the picture.

Since Who Does What Dot TV strings for the local English Language daily GDN (Gulf Daily News), then it warrants a spot on the channel. There is another video whereby we sit down with Kuwaiti Noha Nabil and see where she’s coming from (not literally). She is a very nice lady indeed and has ooodles of millions of followers who hang on to her every bleat, tweet, gram and mug shot. The link will be here.

Back to Hempel and Topaz, well we’ve never actually witnessed a paint company getting into a bit of glamour before. Yet when you think about it, the word ‘Paint’ certainly lends itself to it. We’ve had Dulux sheep dogs doing odd things on TV, but a leading Danish Middle East paint manufacturer, hiring the Four Seasons Bahrain Bay, a 5 star luxury hotel, building a TV set akin to a French cafe with British red telephone boxes.. um…; engage a super well known Influencer (Noha Nabil) and a smooth jazz band, all for 9 am in the morning…. well what a surprise!  Many guests arrived before 9 am actually, including our crew.  Tea was on hand and guests not encouraged to go into the main hall until all were present for a bit of an ‘unveil’ if you like. Well it was a bit of a shock for the crew, walking in ahead in order to set cameras, only to see what looked like a TV set with cafe chairs and decor.  Big spot lights, cameras and even bigger surprise, a three piece jazz band playing silky evening type numbers.  A quick look at the watch (well phone these days) to check that we were not dreaming and it really was 9 O’Clock in the morning and not 9 pm as we waited for the show.

No smell of paint, not a hint, nobody with overalls on with holstered paint brushes and industrial boards to show the one coat process. Well for sure a 5 star Hotel would not appreciate that. So all in all a bold move on Hempel’s part, a paint launch with no paint.  Here’s where we should mention something about this paint.  It is new technology, guaranteed one coat, environmentally friendly, has 56 colours to choose from and 7 shades of white. Nobody mentioned ’50 Shades of Grey’. 

Expecting a long drawn out presentation with speakers droning on, it was nothing of the sort. Very sweet, short and to the point, even doing it twice, once in Arabic and once in English.  It wasn’t a public event either, but it certainly suited it. It was all over by 11 am and that included a tea break. A fabulous lunch was served well before the normal dinner bell and the networking began. Well done all round!