13th March 2018: The Kardashian of Kuwait (K of K)might be an appropriate title, although Noha seems tremendously more amicable. NOHA NABIL TALKS TO WHODOESWHAT.TV is the title and the video is just that. Of course, the rest of the world has probably never heard of Noha Nabil, but within the Gulf region and beyond, she is millions and millions of people famous.

It seems Noha endorses many products for her Video blog, getting paid extremely handsomely for it at that. This time Noha Nabil was in Bahrain for the Hempel Paints launch of ‘Topaz Brilliance’ having decorated her bedroom and children’s room with it.

So while Noha was making herself known at the launch, Who Does What TV were there reporting on the event for the local English language newspaper Gulf Daily News. How approachable is she? Well, Noha spends half her life in front of cameras, be it an iPhone or a proper studio set up, since she is a seasoned television presenter at heart. Noha loves to chat and sitting down to talk to Who Does What was a breeze.
With so many millions of followers, as Noha says; mostly Arabic speakers, it is no wonder she likes to get out there. Well here is your chance to hear Noha speaking English in the main. She is fluent, funny and fun, but underneath all the glamour, perfume, jewelry and make-up, Noha hopes that she influences Arab women to be free to do their own thing.