Lech Wałęsa Nobel Peace Prize Winner gives talk in Bahrain

Sept 2018: Lech Wałęsa Nobel Peace Prize Winner gives talk in Bahrain, or without the Polish lettering;  ‘Lech Walesa’.  To confuse us even more, it sounds like the ‘n’ is missing from the spelling of is name when heard by natives. He must be well used to that – and indeed the general assessment of his Presidency by the so-called elite.  Nothing seems to bother the man though, which has to be commended, for he still comes across as a straight-shooter………… or does he?

The former President of Poland and still going strong and still as earthy and ‘almost’ as straight forward as ever. Don’t hold back Lech, say what you really think.

How would Lech Wałęsa fare among the Euro Gestapo now? The arrogant Junkers, Tusk and clan who without a blink believe themselves to be rulers without recourse. Times have rapidly changed control wise and to perhaps glean an insight into Mr. Wałęsa’s underlying thoughts, one needs to listen at least twice to what he says and the construction of his sentences. (The translator Magdalena has clearly heard it all before, she doesn’t need Lech’s bits).

Initially, it is also clear why so many choose to mock his eloquence (mistaken for his dialect) for what he pontificates all sounds so blatant and “duh’, we know that” obvious, but he was what the left-wing media now hatefully call a ‘Populist President‘.  A euphemism that carries tons of irony – contradictory the the Nth, both ideology and manifesto. Surely a country demands a popular (with or without the íst) leader, which gets the majority of the votes in a democracy… yeah?  But each and every time one is elected, the now seriously fascist so-called ‘Left’ create mayhem in objection if it is not to their liking, to the extent that a country heads for its own destruction just so they get their way. Obama was ‘never’ labelled a ‘Populist President’, yet he was the absolute perfect epitome of a dark ego driven ideology which was unexpected and once realized, nurtured to the extreme to create a Messiah like figure.

All very contradictory indeed. The grand opposition is not even ‘my way’, as it has no written manifesto; it is a doctrine of clichéd rhetoric to suit. This is the ideology that has been instilled in generations across Europe since the 70s. A totalitarian doctrine through the infiltrated education systems and journalism, controlled by the oblivious agenda now spewed by equally oblivious politicians whose life revolves around their own ego and absolute criteria to be liked. Therefore someone like Lech Wałęsa coming through nowadays would be received as an Ogre, some sort entity not adhering to their deviance and thus a challenge they cannot handle. What is the difference between a communist regime and now, other than perhaps the end of a riffle barrel. Don’t hold your breath!

Not asked, but one can’t help but think that Mr. Wałęsa is not a Brexiteer but more of a ‘get-rid-of-the-creepsateer’ who have hijacked the EU. Maybe now far from the lime-light, when asked what he thought of the state of media now, he replied that whatever the media is, it is necessary.

Although edited for conciseness only, Mr. Wałęsa was either savvy not to mention immigration or he really doesn’t get one of the major issues. One could ascertain that he is for Europe overall, but a little more difficult to figure out what he ‘doesn’t  like about Europe, but for sure there are many things.

If you ask people who voted out of Europe, most would probably say that they ‘love Europe’ for Europe as its initial principle, which Lech appears to imply, but it has become a sewer for a group of un-elected egotists using the platform to become a politician to fulfill their very own (suspected deviant) agenda without a notion of concern for the very people and indeed culture or way of life that was Europe. As one observer coined it; ‘A Continent of educated fodder to the tune of a very demarcated order.’   So, wonder what Lech really thinks?