De Klerk (F.W. Former President SA) Speaks in Bahrain

Sept. 2019: De Klerk (F.W. Former President SA) Speaks in Bahrain. Without a doubt a very divisive figure whatever your leaning and indeed his own true (never really revealed) beliefs. Judging by the status quo in South Africa today and since the down-fall of apartheid, surely we are open to some stark comments from the genuinely concerned – to being a magnet for trolls if we look at responses on other De Klerk videos and reports.

Whichever way one looks at Mr. de Klerk, he must be respected for his commitment at a time when he was given little choice whatever his personal choosing. It was during his watch that Apartheid was disbanded. Today, he is sometimes called a hero for dismantling it but of course it depends largely on your colour and politics. More often we see retorts labeling him a traitor by many, especially with the current high incidence of crime in the country and the more recent murders of white South African farmers and the intended government land grab without compensation, as they did in failed Zimbabwe. Deafening by its silence and cover-up, the very media that hit so hard in those days are reluctant and in full denial today to mention anything bad about South Africa as not quite being the jewel in the multi-cultural crown that we all apparently wanted it to be. However, listening to de Klerk, one also gets the impression that South Africa is, as South Africans indeed nurture, the greatest place on earth to live.

Of course, the media hasn’t changed its spots since the early 70s and the ‘Apartheid’ issue was an all out vendetta against South Africa, along with almost all politicians around the world. So strong was the opposition, if the average jack in the streets of the UK met a white South African they would hurl abuse or ostracize, despite not knowing what the hell the whole thing was about. The Internet did not exist, Satellite TV was in its infancy and South Africa, like Britain and indeed Bahrain today had only the government radio and TV station. One can imagine the constant tirade had those platforms been open way back then. Just like now, unable to find a genuinely truthful and non-ego obsessed politician, back in the 70s all politicians world wide, pressured South Africa relentlessly. It equaled the current obsession with removing Donald Trump as it did Margaret Thatcher back in the 80s. Incidentally, it was Margret Thatcher who actually clinched the momentum regarding South Africa’s transition to a fully democratic state, yet most haters would happily brand her as a racist and fully supportive of the Afrikaners desire to rule white supremacy.

Pure speculation, but reading between the lines, it would not be canny, in fact more uncanny to assume that F.W. de Klerk no doubt still harbours deep resentment. Perhaps his instilled leaning is clouded by his political savvy whereby politicians will do whatever is required to ensure survival. After all, he is a politician through and through. Listening to him now, reveals a sense of reality without quite tipping the cart over to attract the Left-Wing bile so prevalent this century so far. Blatant fascism in so many instances but again, this surely is media stirring the pot and one gets the sense that although F.W. de Klerk is long gone from the presidential podium, he still has that ability to poke the fires.

Surprisingly, many a Millennial cannot recall the name Frederik Willem de Klerk but of course they know the name Nelson Mandella. Factually, one cannot be mentioned without the other and a Nobel Peace prize was awarded to both. Of course, the Nobel prize carried a lot of weight and pure credence until one was awarded to Barak Obama on the strength of biased idolization only rather than any accomplishment. Since then, its credibility has diminished considerably.

Back to today and by so many reports, people are forming opinions of their own which are in complete contrast to the utopia claimed for South Africa. It is not too radical to suggest that South Africa is not ‘Multiculturalism’ personified and perhaps Europe and Britain should open their eyes to this and get real as one might assume Mr. de Klerk is actually projecting. Regardless of de Klerks pontificating of the varied languages and basically the tribes who roam there all living in supposed perfect harmony, the rest of the world in general, only perceive black or white with ‘black power’ and sadly unpunished endless crime and corruption as now the status quo as opposed to pre 1995. Meantime, white South Africans have become quite nomadic, taking white collar jobs in a variety of countries while forever harping on about how great South Africa is beyond just sport, all the while it would seem in total denial as to the real state of play. Perhaps one has to be South African to champion this as perfectly ok.

With no chance to actually ask de Klerk such questions, since it was assumed everything was answered within his speech, one must wonder if Europe or Britain itself was actually far more volatile than South Africa which still tends to attract endless tourists and business people alike, despite a murder rate reported to be 49 per day. So what is the cause?  It is majority rule, thus black by nature; freedom is a basic right; the country has wealth and great commodities and natural resources up the ying-yang, so why all the turmoil, which could only get far worse if the government go through with what they term; ‘repossession of land’. To top this, there is a well known adage regarding South Africa; ‘Not everyone has been car-jacked at gun point, but everyone knows someone who has been car-jacked at gun point’.