3rd FAI World Cup Indoor Sky Diving Opening Ceremony Bahrain

October 25th 2018: Yes, you got it! The World Cup is being held in Bahrain. The ‘3rd FAI World Cup Indoor Sky Diving Opening Ceremony Bahrain’. Not bad really, when one considers that the Bahrain tunnel is just a couple of years in the making. Well, it is one of the most sought after rigs for flyers, since it is tall, wide and above all transparent. One must also consider the $200,000 prize money up for grabs too. A ‘nice little earner’ if you can get it.

So, indoor skydiver flying hopefuls have flooded the place from around the globe. As for an opening, it was a very happy occasion with a definite Olympic air about it. Feel the excitement and indeed friendliness in the video. Look out for the ‘results’ video on this channel.

It was by pure chance that You tube selected the Polish team as the featured image, but Whodoeswhat, agrees.  Watch the video, most of these athletes look extremely fit indeed and being quite sexist, many of the women would make absolutely stunning models.  The men too!  But this is not the BBC, so we tend to promote a more hetero angle.  But going back to the Polish team specifically, their absolutely perfect auras radiate loveliness.  We never witnessed a sad face among the many competitors.

The sporting village has everything in it and our guess is, most of the competitors will be staying at the Ritz which has its own private beach.  Shame it rained during the competition, so the sun tans might suffer a bit.  It is so unusual for rain in October, in fact Who Does What.tv doesn’t ever remember it raining in October before and we are Bahraini.