On The Wall Art Expo – live stream – Interiors Exhibition Bahrain 2019

25th April 2019: Online edit of ‘live stream’. This is the second ‘On the Wall’ art expo to be held in conjunction with the major  ‘Interiors’ exhibition, which itself takes place alongside ‘Gulf Property Show’ and ‘Gulf Construction’.  Here we have the full title: ‘On The Wall Art Expo – live stream – Interiors Exhibition Bahrain 2019’.

Rashid AlKhalifa The Artist, Hon. President of Bahrain Arts Society paid an official visit and as usual took a keen interest in the various styles. Not a lot gets past him as far as art is concerned and as you can see from the stream, Rashid missed nothing.

‘Off the Wall’ was the idea of the Exhibition Organizer Ahmed Suleiman. Wishing to hold an art exhibition within the main exhibition, it seemed a tad ambitious, but it worked.  Considerable space was allocated and both local and international artists were quick to take up positions. This is the second year it has taken place and by all accounts, it will get even bigger next year (2020) as its popularity increases and word gets out.

Those interested in looking at the art on display in a bit more detail, pop back and visit www.whodoeswhat.tv in the near future as video was taken, highlighting each piece and it will be published shortly.

Once the live stream has been terminated, whodoeswhat.tv actually removes it and shortens it very slightly, eliminating much of the superfluous camera movement which is inevitable with only one camera mingling with the rather large crowd. Suffice to say that nothing salient is cut or necessarily censored. It gets re-posted in this form.

FYI: Who Does What.tv are the official videographers for Al Hilal.  Each to their own but we have to admit, these live streams become addictive, as the audience get to see the ‘real’ state of play as it happens.  No holes barred if you like.  Unfortunately, so many wannabes are doing them, waving their iPhone about.  The resulting quality is so unprofessional and quite nauseous when all is said and done.  Granted, this was filmed using a single un-gimbled video/tv camera and not a DSLR or mobile phone, many of which are attached to their owners running around just getting in the way.