Bangladesh Independence day 2019

March 26th 2019: Without even being loaded to Youtube, just about lit up the Bangladesh world and a good few others with this little ditty which was shown around the world at Bangladesh Embassy events celebrating the 48th Independence day. You have waited, well now it is on!! How this video came about in its present form is a Long-long story. Having undergone a very serious metamorphosis from its inception in Hong Kong with video enthusiast Mehdi Hasan (Consul General Hong Kong) preparing something to show the world that Bangladesh is rocking. The metamorphosis continues……


You decide for yourself what triggered such a favourable reaction. Of course, Bahrain could not wait to show it at their function as reported in this video. But then, the Bangladesh Ambassador General Mominur Rahman and the entire complement are a superb group of very genuine people who display only friendship and concern without the slippery artifacts so many in politics and the Diplomatic corp display.

Unexpectedly, maybe hundreds of thousands of viewers (perhaps even a million) had seen it having had it posted on Facebook and passed around on mobile phones within the Bangladesh community etc. Put it this way; Who Does What wishes they had a penny for every view.

The history of Bangladesh is so well documented, there is no reason to reiterate here. Needless to say a very determined and proud nation which has visited a few times courtesy of the Bangladesh Embassy Bahrain and the Bangladesh Foreign Ministry. Once this video was released, it was off on another very worth while trip to Bangladesh, courtesy of the Bangladesh Foreign Ministry.  We think they like us!

If you look at some Bangladesh Embassy web sites, you are sure to find the very same video as shown here, planted on their home pages, but without the updated footage etc. Then again, no other embassy wants the Baharain video; they want the insert isolated video.  (Well get in touch and we will give the latest version to you).

Some embassies were in a hurry to meet the deadline and it seems they loaded the pre-finals.  A rush it was!  Mehdi Hassan is a very close friend of, as is the Ambassador himself H.E. General Mominur Rahman and the entire embassy staff.  With that in mind, Mehdi sent a rather shabby video to us asking for some suggestions as he wanted to show off Bangladesh’s incredible achievements over the past couple of years and the expected progress in the very near future. Mehdi Hasan is an accomplished musician himself and indeed sings. His artistic elements flow as far as video editing too and he likes to dabble. Let’s just say that he ‘shouldn’t give up his day job’ as far as video is concerned.  At least he knows how to delegate.   National Day was upon them and knowing the ‘’ obsession with perfection where possible, near begged for a helping hand. Time was not on anyone’s side but the relationship is unbreakable and to the editor we went.

Firstly, where did the footage come from?  What is that music, is it pirate? ripped it apart rather than simply ripped it and replaced soiled footage with original rushes from our own archives which we filmed on various trips. Change the voice over to something a little more pleasing and dramatically warm, add enticing music and we had something which made folk step back and watch (or listen to).  The excitement was beginning to be felt from the Hong Kong Office.  Mehdi was ecstatic with the product and the day before Bangladesh Embassies around the world held their celebrations, he sent them copies of it. The reaction was astounding.

It was played in so many places around the world by all accounts. It appeared on Facebook and a million mobile phones as Bangladeshi so proudly follow all publicity to do with their country.  There are over 160 million of them too, so as mentioned above, it is no exaggeration to suggest that perhaps a million or so people watched this clip and it wasn’t even on WHO DOES WHAT.TV or YOUTUBE.

Slides and tourism footage were supplied by the Embassies, but 98% of video footage is original archive. The music should be copyright free too as it was paid for at source, or folk music.

Now the video is on both and Youtube and the reason for the delay was as simple as checking music copyright etc. will avoid at all costs not crediting artists with their work and will never knowingly steal material. When views potentially reach such high numbers, it is not ideal to have inadvertent disputes, hence the disclaimer and openness should the Foreign Office have used any copyrighted materials.