Portugal Day 2019 – Bahrain Celebration

June 2019:  Once again, Portugal Day (June 10th) comes around and whereas all representative Embassies around the world host a celebration dinner at minimum on their Independence or National Days, Portugal is no exception as this is a big day for the Portuguese. Bahrain doesn’t have a Portuguese Embassy, so it is left to the Portuguese community to make sure the date doesn’t go unnoticed.  Portugal Day 2019 – Bahrain Celebration; enter Capt. Ameen and Benediçta Budagher who always seek a timely solution and commemorate the day just as the others do.

Again, the charming Royal Golf Club was the venue and it was turned into a very warm, welcoming almost typical Portuguese bistro for the evening. It would seem that many prefer the more casual and cuddlier surroundings.  Can’t say it is so cuddly for the cameras, but we managed.

Several National Day celebrations this year were scheduled for dates not corresponding to the actual day, since Ramadan was in full swing, but Portugal Day was clear and probably the first celebration for many as Eid became just a memory, but there was a condition. As a stalwart Guest of Honour, Dr. Shaikh Abdulla bin Ahmed Al Khalifa, Undersecretary for Foreign Affairs in Bahrain, was definitely due to attend and with a window in mind indeed set the date, but at the last minute was called abroad. Not a problem, his next in Line Ambassador Tawfeeq Ahmed Al-Mansoor, Director of Operations was there as charming as ever and did the honours.

An unusual number of Ambassadors and other Embassy officials turned up as well.  It was much easier to subtitle the few Ambassadors who did not make it that evening, rather than try and credit those who did.  From the USA across Europe to China, Japan, Thailand and the Philippines, they were all there. If not the Ambassador him or herself, then the number 2, 3, 4 and so on were present.  Another not so common sight, most had their wives accompanying them. The Russian contingent certainly added to the jollity. A very enjoyable ‘bash’ as they say.